Fear: The Friend of Exceptional People - Techniques in by Geoff Thompson

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By Geoff Thompson

Learn how to triumph over your worry with Geoff Thompson, international well known martial artist. no matter what it really is in existence that you're scared of, from spiders to public conversing, from task interviews to actual wrestle, Geoff has confirmed strategies that will help you. His certain worry pyramid procedure will provide help to construct self belief degree through stage...before you recognize it, even your greatest fears can be triumph over.

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His finger aimed at the dozen on screen, frozen in a second of muted, vehement viciousness, but more accurately at myself. The panic I felt inside was like I have never felt before. It engrossed my body like a rapidly enlarging growth that was forcing all the self-control in my whole being outwards. I breathed in deeply, controlling it, captaining it, but still it pushed outwards, fighting against me, hacking at my weakness with the sword of selfdoubt. ’ The ship of my moral fibre was under the threat of mutiny from the minority ‘yellow crew’ (inner opponent) within me.

Whilst this may be initially uncomfortable, it is the only way. Of course, with the bigger bowl comes greater responsibility but that is all part and parcel of expanding. If I farm one acre of land and decide to take on another acre I will get twice the crop. But twice the crop will mean twice the work and responsibility. Pay-offs for not Confronting and Expanding Expanding the comfort zone will add excitement and potential to your life, but not expanding means staying exactly where you are. The reason most people do not expand are the pay-offs.

The three golden words to help you cope with the consequences of your actions, whether they are successful or not are, I’ll handle it. If I’m a success and I get added pressure, I’ll handle it. If things don’t work out, I’ll handle it. If I lose my job, I’ll handle it. If I change jobs and don’t like the new job, I’ll handle it. If my partner leaves me, I’ll handle it. The Worst-case Scenario Look at the worst-case scenario and tell yourself that if it happens I’ll handle it. And then set about making plans so that the worst-case scenario never happens.

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