Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color by Julie Seabrook Ream

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By Julie Seabrook Ream

This playful number of rainbows is a shiny and gorgeous appreciation of all of the colour that surrounds us. Artist Julie Seabrook Ream invitations us to determine the intense fantastic thing about usual items: she gathers colourful iterations of a unmarried kind of factor, from feathers to fishing apparatus, matchbooks to macarons, and smartly arranges them in rainbow order. a desirable index info all of the gadgets in every one rainbow, bringing the magnetic charm of meticulous association to this burst of colour in e-book shape. A remarkable package deal with a rainbow-colored backbone makes this celebratory e-book a treasure if you happen to love artwork, layout, and a clean viewpoint.

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Viridian Hue 24. Viridian 25. Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) 26. Cobalt Turquoise 27. Phthalo Blue 28. Indigo 29. Cerulean Blue 30. Prussian Blue 31. French Ultramarine Blue 32. Ultramarine Violet 33. Ultramarine Red 34. Thio Violet PASTELS 1. Carmine 2. Red Violet Light 3. Orange 4. Madder Carmine 5. Permanent Red Deep 6. Permanent Red Light 7. Deep Yellow 8. Gold Ochre 9. Raw Sienna 10. Light Yellow 11. Lemon Yellow 12. Yellow Ochre 13. Chrome Green Light 14. Permanent Green Light 15. Phthalo Green 16.

New Mexico, 1953 6. Ohio, 1959 7. Newfoundland, 1953 8. New Mexico, 1954 9. Utah, 1959 10. Panama, 1953 11. Iran, 1954 12. Florida, 1953 13. Maryland, 1955 14. North Carolina, 1954 15. California, 1956 16. Texas, 1953 17. Pennsylvania, 1953 18. Kansas, 1959 19. Maine, 1959 20. Alaska, 1959 21. Colorado, 1953 22. Prince Edward Island, 1953 23. Louisiana, 1954 24. Alaska, 1953 25. Iowa, 1959 26. Manitoba, 1953 27. S. Virgin Islands, 1953 28. Philippines, 1953 29. Nevada, 1953 30. Illinois, 1954 31.

Red-Tailed Hawk Secondary Wing Feather EGGS 1. Black Copper Marans Chicken 2. Barnevelder Chicken 3. Rhode Island Red Chicken 4. Buff Orpington Chicken 5. Indian Peafowl 6. Narragansett Turkey 7. Button Quail 8. Pearl Guinea Fowl 9. Bantam Chicken 10. Royal Palm Turkey 11. Chukar Partridge 12. Greater Rhea 13. Olive Egger Chicken 14. Ring-Necked Pheasant 15. Double-Wattled Cassowary 16. Easter Egger Chicken 17. Ameraucana Chicken 18. Mute Swan 19. Mallard Duck 20. Rouen Duck 21. Runner Duck 22.

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