East Wind Rain: A Pictorial History of the Pearl Harbor by Stan Cohen

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By Stan Cohen

East Wind Rain: A Pictorial heritage of the Pearl Harbor assault [Paperback

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55 Mr. Chu rchill's Ta nk: The British Infantry Tank Ma rk IV stated that as of 15 January 1942, 42 per cent of Churchills were off the road. 'This is an appalling number inasmuch as .. the ma jority of the tanks are new. The casualties are due almost entirely to defects in design . We view with the gravest concern the apparent inability of the Vauxhall Company to remedy design defects. Previous promises given to the Tank Board were to the effect that by the end of March, a Churchill battleworthy in all respects would be produced.

The War Office Maintenance Department cannot be expected to (nor are they designed to) deal with a fleet of tanks which break down for design reasons almost as soon as we receive them. ' The next day Geoffrey Burton passed these comments on, in somewhat milder terms , to Mr C J Bartlett of Vauxhall. On the 23 rd a meeting of the Tank Board announced that no further orders would be accepted for Churchill tanks until a satisfactory reply had been receive d from Mr Bartle tt. One may scan the reports of subsequent meetings in vain for reference to any such statement.

The lour d isCS on th e side show where a sto wage bin wo uld be lilted and ju st to the rear is the hinged pist ol port . two infantry tank s out 0 1 an estab lishment of 50 , which were probab ly Valentine s. It also had two old medium tank s 0 1about 1925 vintage. seven nqttttanks and a mot ley selection of otner tracked vehicles for dnver trammq . Six clo se support Infantry tank s. which were probabl y Mark I Churctuus . followed the next week and the n sev en more in J uly. one of which was a Mark 11.

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