Dynamical Analysis of Non-Fourier Heat Conduction and Its by Yuan Dong

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By Yuan Dong

This thesis stories the overall warmth conduction legislation, irreversible thermodynamics and the dimensions impact of thermal conductivity exhibited in nanosystems from the point of view of lately built thermomass conception. The derivation bridges the microscopic phonon Boltzmann equation and macroscopic continuum mechanics. Key strategies akin to entropy construction, temperature and the Onsager reciprocal relation are revisited on the subject of non-Fourier warmth conduction. finally, worthwhile expressions are extracted from the image of phonon fuel dynamics and are used to effectively expect powerful thermal conductivity in nanosystems.

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Doctoral dissertation, Tsinghua University, Beijing 129. Chen Q (2008) Irreversibility and optimization of convective transport processes. Doctoral dissertation, Tsinghua University, Beijing 130. Chen Q, Liang XG, Guo ZY (2013) Entransy theory for the optimization of heat transfer—a review and update. Int J Heat Mass Transf 63:65–81 131. Cheng XT, Liang XG (2013) From thermomass to entransy. Int J Heat Mass Transf 62: 174–177 Chapter 2 Dynamical Governing Equations of Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Abstract Thermal energy has its corresponding equivalent mass according to Einstein’s mass–energy equivalence, which is termed as thermomass.

Cahill DG, Ford WK, Goodson KE et al (2002) Nanoscale thermal transport. J Appl Phys 93 (2):793–818 69. Kim W, Wang R, Majumdar A (2007) Nanostructuring expands thermal limits. Nano Today 2(1):40–47 70. Chen G (2005) Nanoscale energy transport and conversion: a parallel treatment of electrons, molecules, phonons, and photons. Oxford University Press, Oxford 71. Baxter J, Bian Z, Chen G et al (2009) Nanoscale design to enable the revolution in renewable energy. Energy Environ Sci 2(6):559–588 72.

2 Chapman–Enskog Expansion In Sect. 1 it is assumed that the phonon distribution function is approximated by fD, which is reasonable only in pure crystals at low temperature. In other cases the 2 Dynamical Governing Equations … 36 Umklapp scattering, impurity scattering, and other momentum breaking processes will continuously draw f away from fD, which relaxes back to fD with a relaxation time τN. The second derivative of heat flux is proportional to τN in Eq. 7 with a scale coefficient τRτNvs2/5.

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