Dictionary of Natural Resource Management by Julian A Dunster

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By Julian A Dunster

An interdisciplinary and complete connection with average source administration terminology, containing a few 6,000 entries. each one access provides a concise definition, shows a number of meanings, and cross-referenced for comprehensiveness.

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2 Within a tree, the physical direction of resources to assist in discrete biological activities, such as photosynthesis, wound compartmentalization, or refoliation following insect attacks. , rocks). 2 In freshwater biology, the nutrient inputs (leaves and small twigs) to a stream originating from streamside vegetation, which undergo decomposition and provide an important source of food for the benthic invertebrates. See also Autochthonous; Benthic Invertebrates. ALLOGAMYY Cross-fertilization between flowers, including geitonogamy and xenogamy.

ARENACEOUS i In pedology, a soil containing an abundance of sand. , sandstone). See also Argillaceous. AREOLATE Describes a surface that is broken up into small, angular, and irregular patches (areoles), typically with a tile-like appearance. AREOLE 1 A small area, especially the open space between anastomosing veins. 2 A spinebearing sunken or raised spot on the stem of cacti. 3 Occurring in an island formed by cracks in the surrounding surface. ARETE A narrow, jagged, mountain crest, often above the snowline, sculptured by alpine glaciers and formed by backward erosion of adjoining cirque walls.

Artificial intelligence is used in the development of expert systems). ARTIFICIAL REGENERATION The creation of a new stand by direct seeding or by planting seedlings or cuttings. See also Natural Regeneration. ARTIFICIAL SELECTION See Selection. ARUNDINACEOUS Reedlike, or resembling a cane. ASCENDING 1 Rising upwards through a medium such as air or water. 2 A shape or form that rises or curves upwards somewhat obliquely or indirectly from a horizontal or oblique position. ASCENDING TYPOLOGY A study that starts by examining attributes of an individual and aggregates upwards to yield broader categories.

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