Diachronic Studies in Romance Linguistics by Mario Saltarelli, Dieter Wanner

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By Mario Saltarelli, Dieter Wanner

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The S dominated by that NP is pronominalized. Another argument given by Rivero to show that si is a world-creating verb is concerned with factive verbs. Factive verbs are known to loose their factivity when embedded in an S with a world-creating verb. The same is true of factive verbs embedded into the protasis of a conditional structure. (7) Imaginez que je me rende compte qu'ils mentaient. ' (8) Supposons qu'il soit evident qu'ils copiaient. ' (9) Je me rends compte qu'ils mentaient. ' (10) // est evident qu'ils copiaient.

Further evidence of the diachronic nature of the voici/voilä fossil can also be found in the application of the number agreement rule. (39a) Voyez-cy le contract! (Rabelais, I, 32) 'see here the contract' (39b) * Voyez-ci, Mesdames et Messieurs, le president de notre club, M. Mediterrannee. 30 JEAN CASAGRANDE (39c) Void, Mesdames et Messieurs, le president de notre club, M. Mediterrannee. 'Here is, Ladies and Gentlemen, the president of our club, Mr. ' Middle French allowed voici/voila to inflect, indicating through agreement that this modern fossil was then still conceived as an imperative.

8 University of Florida. REFERENCES Casagrande, Jean 1969 "On the Source of Some Universals", PJL l, 76-90. : Newbury House). Fräser, Bruce 1970 "Idioms within a Transformational Grammar", Foundations of Language 6, 22-42. Hirschbuhler, Paul 1970 Traitement transformationnel de interrogation et de quelques problemes connexes enfranfais (Bruxelles: these Universite Libre de Bruxelles). Huddleston, Rodney, and Ormond Uren 1969 "Declarative, Interrogative and Imperative in French", Lingua 22, 1-26.

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