Developmental Biology of Teleost Fishes by Yvette W. Kunz Ph.D., D.Sc. (auth.)

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By Yvette W. Kunz Ph.D., D.Sc. (auth.)

In the compiling of this e-book, the giant literature facing the descriptive morphology, histology and cytology of teleost improvement has been combed and built-in. The ebook is split into 21 chapters, beginning with the egg and embryonic improvement as much as hatching. this can be by means of an outline of ectodermal, mesodermal and entodermal derivatives and the improvement of varied organs. the topic index, species index and the plentiful illustrations upload additional worth to this lengthy awaited book.

Developmental Biology of Teleost Fishes might be a beneficial software for scientists and scholars within the fields of biology, developmental biology, molecular biology and fish biology.

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Moreover, great differences in size occur not only amongst the eggs of different females but sometimes amongst the eggs of the same female. As already mentioned it can vary also over the life time of a female or seasonally. There can occur a variation in the average size of eggs from one spawning district to that of another. Seasonal and geographical patterns in egg size of the sole, Solea solea, have been reported. Geographical difference in egg size can amount to as much as 44% in volume. The eggs of the mouthbrooding Tilapia macrocephala, mossambica and galilea are considerably larger than those of the substrate-spawning Tilapia tholloni and guinensis [‘Kraft and Peters (1963)’; ‘Blaxter (1988)’; ‘Rijnsdorp and Vingerhoed (1994)’; ‘Miller et al.

In Brachydanio rerio the increase is from 120 to 600 microns ‘(Ulrich, 1969)’. This growth is mainly due to the incorporation of the yolk protein precursor vitellogenin (a lipo-glycophosphoprotein of 250-600 kDa) into the oocyte ‘(Norberg and Haux, 1985)’. The term vitellogenin had been coined by ‘Pan et al. (1969)’. , 1988a, 1988b)’. The degree of growth of intraovarian eggs is also expressed in the gonadosomatic index GSI (weight of the gonads as a percentage of the body weight of the maternal fish).

The non-adhesive ova of some species, such as the salmonids, Alosa and turbot (Scophthalmus maximus, also Rhombus maximus), sink to the bottom and remain separate. g. cyprinids, pike, Clupea and loaches) ‘(Ginzburg, 1968)’. The eggs of the European smelt Osmerus eperlanus swing in the water attached by a flexible suspensory membrane formed by the ruptured adhesive outer layer ‘(Buchholz, 1863)’. The eggs of the pike, Esox lucius, are attached to aquatic plants in freshwater creeks. ]. Demersal eggs are oriented with their animal pole facing upwards due to the fact that the yolksac has a relatively higher specific gravity than the blastodisc and that most of the oil drops (not present in all) are concentrated below the disc.

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