Convair F-102 Delta Dagger by Wayne Mutza

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By Wayne Mutza

Comprises bright information, specific color/bw images and extensive examine of the Delta Dagger

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Despite drawbacks, those whose livelihood centered around the Deuce persevered. F-1 02 pilots professed a genuine love for the airplane and found it fun to fly. Crew chiefs seemed equally enthusiastic about its ease of maintenance. So, it became a matter of coping, pending the arrival of the F101 Band F-106A, still two years distant. It was standard practice for F-102s of the Air Defense Command to wear their squadron emblem on the left side of the tail fin, while the ADC insignia appeared opposite.

In that particular episode, time was on everyone's side and disaster was averted. The Soviets often sent more than one aircraft. In February 1968, three bombers flew to within 80 miles of Alaska, and on 4 April 1969, a flight of 8 to 10 Badgers closed to within 60 miles of the Alaskan coastline before they were intercepted by F-1 02s scrambled from Eielson AFB. The F-1 06s made 17 successful intercepts, while Deuces of the 317th accomplished 13 during their Alaskan duty. From 1961 to 1969, Alaskan Air Command F-102s completed a total of 15 intercepts of 23 Soviet aircraft, most of which occurred over the Bering Sea and involved Deuces launched from Galena.

Baldur Sveinsson) This Soviet "Bear C" bomber was photographed from a 327th FIS F102 during an intercept mission near Iceland on 4 March 1972. (Budd Butcher) Chapter 2 - Air Defense 57 y / An F-1 02A of the 4780th Air Defense Wing at Perrin AFB, Texas. In 1962, the wing was absorbed into the 73rd Air Division, which became responsible for all interceptor pilot qualification. (Jack M. Friell) "Mr. Magoo II" (sIn 56-1103) belonged to the 86th FIS, based at Youngstown AFB, Ohio. Seen here in 1958, the Deuce was destroyed in a crash on 6 January 1960, one month before the unit turned in its last F-102.

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