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By Jay Miller

Convair B-58 (Aerofax Aerograph №4)

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95 at 35,000'. it it vergent/divergent (C/D) exhaust nozzle would provide large gains in supersonic performance. This came partly from a fuel 15%, and PARD team developed this Model 5 study of the MX-1626 to serve as a a baseline for the research into area rule work for Convair's supersonic bomber. This particular configuration was developed in June, 1953, and helped lead the way to the incorporation of area rule in the full-scale aircraft. The NACA's their partly economy gain of up to from a favorable effect on the operating level of the lift/drag ratio.

Whitcomb had com- pleted his study of transonic airflow surrounding the various aerodynamic shapes in the summer of 1952 and, in July, had made his results known to the AF. 2, the critical cross than The MX-1964 configuration return component had a flat fuselage undersurface once the disposable pod component was jettisoned. Nose gear requirements were also complicated by the fact that both the pod and the return component required a nose gear. was that intersected by a cone rather According to Whitcomb, the aerodynamic drag of a winged body at transonic speeds depended on the ratio of total cross section area at any station to the total length of the airframe.

The fuselage was also revamped to agree with a In changed modified transonic "area rule" configuration, and the use of external fuel tanks was eliminated entirely. Additionally, the vertical fin A 1/1 5th scale model of the final B-58 configuration is seen just prior lo booster launch from the NACA's facility. Speeds in excess of l^ach 2 were possible using this launching technique and telemetry data was highly reliable. Wallops Island. VA. and rudder areas 33 reduced effort had begun to effect the July 15, 1956 first flight date (as of 9/20/54), and that the flight would be delayed on a day to day basis dur- development engineering and related testing in all areas, but had to discontinue (or not begin) any and wind tunnel model specifications and directed Convair to continue with certain aspects of ing the discontinuation of tooling.

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