Contrast Agents III Radiopharmaceuticals. From Diagnostics by Emilio Quaia

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By Emilio Quaia

This publication offers a finished account of the actual foundation and the scientific functions of microbubble-based distinction brokers. the rules underlying using really expert contrast-specific imaging concepts and the exam method are essentially defined. different scientific functions of microbubble-based brokers are largely defined by using various top of the range illustrations, lots of that are in colour. furthermore, examine and healing views are addressed. all the chapters are written via well-known specialists within the box, making sure that this quantity might be of serious worth to every person who has an curiosity in microbubble-based distinction brokers, from physicists and researchers to medical radiologists.

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No brain uptake data are 34 R. Alberto available so far [87]. The HYNIC group presents a favourable coordination site for the fac-[99mTc(CO)3]+ moiety. Derivatization of WAY and subsequent labelling gave a well-defined complex with good binding properties but brain uptake again was too low. As is obvious from these few experiments, more systematic studies are required to improve brain uptake in particular. Other labelling methods suffer from the same difficulties but, as more compounds are described, a better structure–activity relationship is deductible.

This was probably due to unspecific binding of fac[99mTc(CO)3]+ since other work showed complete stability of [99mTc(his)(CO)3] against cysteine challenge [113, 114]. Carbohydrated octreotide was coupled to picoline–aminoacetic acid. The carbohydrate makes the conjugate much more hydrophilic and an excellent biodistribution could be observed [115]. A number of other peptides have been studied in detail. Bombesin was derivatized at the C-terminus with histidine to give a bidentate NO chelator and a neutral complex after labelling.

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