Congratulations! It's Asperger Syndrome by Jen Birch

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By Jen Birch

This autobiographical account of a brand new Zealand woman's existence with Asperger Syndrome a milder kind of autism displays at the difficult indicators that escaped analysis till age forty three. Birch discusses how the developmental disease affected her cognition, id and boundary concerns, and friendships


'Talking absolutely approximately how her lifestyles has replaced because the 'revelation', she goals to take advantage of this new-found wisdom to notify others in regards to the syndrome and the way, as soon as its professionals and cons are understood, lifestyles will be lived to the full.' -- Autism Us it is a very helpful e-book for any mother or father of a kid with suspected Asperger Syndrome or dyslexia since it offers not just a marvellous perception into the functioning brain of somebody with those disabilities, but in addition is going to teach why there are hidden presents of mind's eye and honesty. -- Alexis Hunter

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Jen Birch was once clinically determined with Asperger syndrome on the age of forty three and is now a standard speaker at meetings on autism and Asperger syndrome. After having been hired on a voluntary foundation for Autism NZ for a couple of years, she now works in a replica heart, yet continues to be seriously fascinated by the Asperger and Autism group, working workshops for Autism NZ and contributing to their e-newsletter.

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A neighbouring family gave me a copy of Robert Browning’s poems – too sophisticated for me to read at the time, but the thought was appreciated – and gave my brother Dr Seuss’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. ) After three days at home, my brother and I returned to school. There it was “life as normal,” as if nothing had happened. Therefore – and as it was the sixties, in rural New Zealand – we were forced to join the conspiracy of silence: the assumption that if something is not mentioned, it does not exist.

Therefore – and as it was the sixties, in rural New Zealand – we were forced to join the conspiracy of silence: the assumption that if something is not mentioned, it does not exist. In those days there were no such things as school counsellors, or any sort of counsellors that I could have got access to – nor had I heard of the concept of counselling; and I would not until adulthood. No school teacher, or any other adult, ever took me aside to ask how I was getting on without my Dad. My childhood days were lived decades before such things as self-help books, popular psychology, support groups, computers or e-mail were heard of – in my part of the world, anyway.

A pencil, if what I am looking for is a stationery item), or I need to keep talking to myself on the way about what I want to do there. Otherwise, as soon as I get out of sight of my original visual cue, I get distracted by some new stimulus and then change to dealing with that, instead of what I went for. Then, some time later, when back in the original setting and again seeing my original visual cue, I feel annoyed and frustrated that I did not complete the task I intended to do, so I then start out all over again; but, the same sequence of events can keep on happening.

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