On Agriculture, Volume I, Books I-IV (Loeb Classical Library by Columella, Harrison Boyd Ash

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By Columella, Harrison Boyd Ash

Columella (Lucius Iunius Moderatus) of Gades (Cadiz) lived within the reigns of the 1st emperors to approximately 70 CE. He moved early in lifestyles to Italy the place he owned farms and lived close to Rome. it really is possible that he did army carrier in Syria and Cilicia and that he died at Tarentum. Columella's On Agriculture (De Re Rustica) is the main accomplished, systematic and particular of Roman agricultural works. e-book I covers collection of farming website; water offer; structures; employees. II: Ploughing; fertilising; care of vegetation. III, IV, V: Cultivation, grafting and pruning of fruit bushes, vines, and olives. VI: Acquisition, breeding, and rearing of oxen, horses, and mules; veterinary drugs. VII: Sheep, goats, pigs, and canine. VIII: bird; fish ponds. IX: Bee-keeping. X (in hexameter poetry): Gardening. XI: tasks of the overseer of a farm; calendar for farm paintings; extra on gardening. XII: tasks of the overseer's spouse; manufacture of wines; pickling; maintaining. there's additionally a separate treatise, timber (De Arboribus), on vines and olives and diverse bushes, maybe a part of an differently misplaced paintings written ahead of On Agriculture. The Loeb Classical Library version of Columella is in 3 volumes.

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9-10, II. 4) ; the BOOK 1. 1-2 1. " For agriculture 33 can be conducted without the greatest mental acute" ness, but not on the other hand, " by the fat-witted,'' to use a frequent expression. For far from the truth is the belief, held by many, that the business of husbandry is extremely easy and requires no mental keenness. There is no occasion for further discussion of the subject as a whole at this several divisions are to be Books assigned to them, which I shall carry through, each in its own order, but only after I have said by way of preface what I judge to be especially pertinent to the science in general.

Smaplock ur Columellas sprak," XV. 201Eranos, XIII. 196-203; XIV. 90-9G 207; XVI. 186-190; XVII. 147-150; XXVI. ; 31-33. , L' horticulture antique et le poeme de Columelle, Paris, 1918. ), Goteborg, 1926. , Der Feldbau der Romer, Frankfurt, 1900. ), Berlin, 1884. , De Columella Vergilii Imitatore, Jena, 1882. Semple, Ellen C, " Ancient Mediterranean Agriculture," Agricultural History, II (1928). 61-98, 129-156. Storr-Best, Lloyd, Varro on Farming (Bohn Library), London, 1912. , De L. lunio Moderato Columella Vergilii Imitatore, Triest, 1894.

Lundstrom prodigii vulgo. * minime Schn. cum PorUedera. , Gesn. * perosis vulgo : per obsessa Lundsirom {cum codicibus, ut videtur). An . . optabilior om. M. : » alia SAa. fluctibus pendeat fluctibus tendere 8 A '" 6 Lwndslrdm {cum duobv^s codd. ) fluctibus se fluctibus pendeat a : : : BOOK I, PREFACE 5-8 is more to be wondered at, training-schools most contemptible vices the seasoning of food to promote gluttony and the more extravagant serving of courses, and dressers of the head and hair I have not only heard but have even seen or, what — for the — my o^vn eyes ; but of agriculture I know neither self-professed teachers nor pupils.

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