Circuit-Bending: Build Your Own Alien Instruments by Reed Ghazala

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By Reed Ghazala

• enthusiasts gets bent off form in the event that they leave out the 1st ebook to hide circuit-bending-"bending," for short-the approach wherein an digital toy or a tool resembling a keyboard is short-circuited and changed to create a wholly diverse sound• Written by means of the inventor of the know-how, this publication covers the instruments of the exchange, exhibits tips to construct a bending workshop, and divulges secrets and techniques that would have readers of all degrees making candy song in no time• Readers examine easy bends, physique contacts, and different bending talents, in addition to how one can create bent tools from a number of well known toys and digital devices• positive aspects the various author's personal distinctive creations

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What’s still missing is the sociological. Not that experimental electronic music geared for the general public didn’t exist prior to the 1960s. It did! ). Small-town America’s Saturday matinees overflowed into the streets with weird electronic oscillations as the assorted sci-fi “B” movies of the 1950s came and went, their otherworldly music colliding head-on with the real-world cold war headlines boxed next to the ticket window. Little kids were considered as good a target as adults for experimental electronic music in the 1950s.

272 273 273 273 273 273 273 273 275 275 275 275 276 276 Chapter 24: Project 11: Mall Madness . . . . . . . . . 277 Parts . . . . . . . . . Open It Up! . . . . . . . Circuit at First Glance . . . . . Step-by-Step Bending . . . . . Choosing a Cool Control Layout Case Considerations . . . Marking the Board . . . . Drilling Holes . . . . . Painting . . . . . .

Instrument or animal, hybrid or mutant, musically as well as zoologically we clearly have a horse of a different color. Yes, the BEAsape’s material is temporary, its existence momentary. Like you and me. Living Instruments We needn’t go as far as the BEAsape to find what we might term “living instruments” within circuit-bending. There are times when bending causes safe thermal limits in circuitry to be exceeded. A new connection might cause too much voltage to pass through a component somewhere, slowly burning it out.

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