Child of the Journey (Book 2 of The Madagascar Manifesto) by Janet Berliner, George Guthridge, Neil Jackson

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By Janet Berliner, George Guthridge, Neil Jackson

Picking out up the place baby of the sunshine left off, baby of the adventure starts off because the Nazi tides sweeps to strength in Germany. Jewish visionary Solomon Freund desperately seeks to rejoin his bloved Miriam. His quest leads him from the precarious safe haven of Holland again into the deathtrap of Berlin to the horrors of Sachenhausen focus camp, and eventually to Madagascar.

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Her diminutive uncle raised a black eyebrow and blew a perfect smoke ring into the air before applauding his favorite niece's performance. She smiled prettily at him and at her bejeweled old grandmother as the band began to play and couples gravitated toward the dance floor. She approached her uncle's table. Having introduced herself to Erich's parents and exchanged a few pleasantries with them--the woman looked a little too nervous; the man, at best, uncomfortable, his nose red, as if he had been drinking too much, and his eyes hard--she glanced sideways at the boy.

Cars, for God's sake, she thought. They actually drove during the riot. Leaned out of motorcar windows to smash thousands of store fronts belonging to Jewish merchants and destroy hundreds of Jewish homes. Looting, robbing, killing. When would such carnage end! How ironic that a young Polish Jew, Herschel Grynspan, had inadvertently sparked this recent night of so-called retribution. Distraught over the treatment his parents had received in Germany and intent on assassinating the German ambassador, Grynspan had murdered Ernst von Rath, a minor German official living at the Parisian consulate--only to find out, Konnie had told her, that von Rath was been under Gestapo scrutiny for opposing anti-Semitism.

She would never forgive me if I didn't show off her creation. " "I've been meaning to ask why you go to Baden-Baden for your dresses. " "Of course there are. But I like Madame Pérrault. " She stopped. She must be careful to say just enough and not too much. When Konnie drove her to Baden-Baden, they spent only minutes with the seamstress; the rest of the time was devoted to meeting with various members of the underground, for whom she acted as liaison here in Berlin. " she asked him. He nodded, his expression telling her that he had not forgotten his childish jealousy of what he took to be the man's obvious desire for young Miss Rathenau.

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