Cellular Mobile Radio Systems: Designing Systems for by Husni Hammuda

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By Husni Hammuda

So much radio structures became so well known that the on hand frequency bands may be able to meet just a fraction of the call for. This ebook provides functional options for optimizing potency of cellular radio cells.

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Received at the mobile station from the serving base station Ts is ys and from the interfering base station Ti is yi , then for satisfactory reception it is necessary that: ys ! ryi …3:73† where r is the protection ratio. B. ) With the statistical models, we need to calculate the probability of ys being greater than yi by the amount of protection ratio, r. Mathematically: P‰ ys ! ryi Š: …3:74† There are three models which belong to the statistical category ± fading only, shadowing only and fading and shadowing statistical models.

5 ation Model of DSB Modulation System Corrupted with AWGN (a) Bandpass AWGN Representation. 4 (also referred to as the predetection filter) is used to remove the out of band noise and any harmonic signal terms. 4, the DSB signal plus noise is given by: m…t† cos …wc t† ‡ nc …t† cos …wc t† À ns …t† sin …wc t†: …3:20† At point (2), the DSB signal plus noise is multiplied by a synchronous replica of the carrier signal. 4): …S=N†o ˆ …S=N†o ˆ Ef14 m2 …t†g Ef14 n2c …t†g Efm2 …t†g Efn2c …t†g …3:24† …3:25† Efn2c …t†g ˆ  BT ˆ 2 fm P ; …S=N†o ˆ m : 2 fm …3:26† …3:27† But: 1 P ˆ Efm2 …t† cos 2 …w t†g ˆ P c R 2 m P ; …S=N†o ˆ R ˆ :  fm …3:28† …3:39† For a distortionless channel, the signal to noise ratio is given in terms of the transmitted power, hence: BASIC ANALOGUE MODULATION TECHNIQUES ; …S=N†o ˆ k2 PT ˆ :  fm 33 …3:30† Therefore, the signal to noise power ratio for DSB-SC systems is identical to that for analogue baseband transmission.

This is an expected result since the message signal causes only the `angle' of the carrier to change without altering its amplitude. Signal to noise performance of FM systems The signal to noise ratio of a FM system is taken as the ratio of the mean signal power without noise to the mean noise power in the presence of an unmodulated carrier. 2]: …S=N†o ˆ 3 2 Pm : …3:58† The above expression is valid provided that the signal power at the receiver (detector) is much higher than the noise power. This is referred to as the threshold effect of FM systems, below which the signal to noise performance of the FM system deteriorates markedly.

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