Cell and Tissue Culture in Forestry: Specific Principles and by J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (auth.), J. M. Bonga, Don J.

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By J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (auth.), J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (eds.)

2. 2. Plant fabrics 2. three. Pregrowth stipulations 2. four. Cryoprotectant remedy 2. five. Freezing 2. five. 1. gradual freezing 2. five. 2. swift freezing 2. five. three. Droplet freezing 2. 6. garage 2. 7. Thawing 2. eight. Viability checking out 2. nine. Post-thaw regrowth three. EXAMPLES OF CRYOPRESERVATION OF WOODY PLANT fabric four. capability program OF CRYOPRESERVATION IN TREE development 17. NURSERY dealing with OF PROPAGULES - J. A. driving force, and 320 G. R. L. Suttle 1. advent 2. advertisement NURSERY wishes VS. LABORATORY perform three. SEASONALITY OF development AND construction CYCLES four. MICROPROPAGATION suggestions four. 1. tendencies in advertisement micropropagation four. 1. 1. agreement micropropagation five. elements AFFECTING SURVIVAL AND progress five. 1. Hardening of propagules in vitro five. 2. Greenhouse considerationS------ five. three. box planting five. four. New ways: Direct box rooting five. four. 1. Pretreatment in vitro five. four. 2. Root induction five. four. three. box placement 18. MYCORRHIZAE - R. ok. Dixon, and D. H. Marx 336 1. advent 2. position OF MYCORRHIZAE IN TREE development AND improvement three. construction and alertness OF ECTOMYCORRHIZAL FUNGUS INOCULUM three. 1. Bareroot inventory three. 2. Container-grown inventory four. box TRIALS WITH ECTOMYCORRHIZAL PLANTING inventory five. creation and alertness OF ENDOMYCORRHIZAL INOCULUM 6. box TRIALS WITH ENDOMYCORRHIZAL 7. learn possibilities eight. precis 351 19. TISSUE tradition APPLICATIUN TO wooded area PATHOLOGY AND PEST keep an eye on - A. M. Diner, and D. F. Karnosky 1. creation 2. HOST AND PATHOGEN: tradition AND problem 2. 1.

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Fowler and Barker (27) have studied the levels of glutamate dehydrogenase (aminating) in sycamore cells grown in batch culture in the presence of nitrate and ammonia. At its peak glutamate dehydrogenase activity is 25-fold higher in ammonia + nitrate grown cells than in those grown on nitrate alone at the same period. The enzymes glutamine synthetase and glutamate synthase exhibit similar activity profiles during growth on nitrate plus ammonia. It is likely that the increase in glutamate dehydrogenase activity may be in response to high levels of ammonia.

Paul's Scarlett' Ulmus americana leaves shoot cultures leaves shoot cultures suspension cultures leaves cotyledons, callus, suspension cultures leaves leaves leaves cotyledons, callus cotyledons, callus, suspension cultures Ulmus Ulmus Ulmus Ulmus Ulmus campestris x campestris levis parvifolia pumula REFERENCE 1,2 33,44 2 44 27 10 30 10 10 10 30 30 CALLUS FROM PROTOPLASTS Acer pseudoplatanus Alnus glutinosa Alnus incana Citrus sinensis 'Valencia' Coffea arabica Coffea canephora Copaifera mUltiiuga Leucaena leucocephala Malus domestica 'Jonathan' Prunus dulcis 'Nonpareil' Rosa sp.

Been cuI ture s and has only been refer red to focussing specifically on cell cultures. carried out in pass ing, with callus thi s rev iew 32 BIOCHEMISTRY 2. Various aspects of the biochemistry of plant cell cultures have been investigated, ranging from studies of basic biochemistry and primary metabolism to the more complex pathways of secondary metabolite synthesis. Although strictly speaking growth kinetics do not fall within the confines of biochemistry, they are included in the present discussion since biochemical parameters are generally described in terms of the growth phases through which cell cultures are deemed to pass (47).

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