Causality and Connectives: From Grice to Relevance by Valandis Bardzokas

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By Valandis Bardzokas

The ebook explores finely-grained differences in causal that means, regularly from a relevance-theoretic viewpoint. to extend the problem of this double job, i.e. a radical in addition to passable account of reason and a close overview of the theoretical version hired to this finish, the present examine consists of an research performed in terms of contrasting the prototypical causal exponents of contemporary Greek subordination, i.e. epeiδi and γiati. moreover, this aim is accomplished within the methodological framework of contrasting a number contextual purposes of the 2 connectives opposed to their translated types in English, realizable via because. regardless of first impressions, a better commentary of the wide variety of purposes of those markers within the discourse of coherence kinfolk illustrates divergences of their distribution, which, in flip, are taken to focus on differing features of causal interpretation. The idea for the relevance-theoretic version emanates from a response to an array of difficulties undermining conventional tenets of pragmatic idea originating with Grice’s stance, yet is usually made in accordance with the typical perform in pragmatic study (since its foundation) to pay low regard for the contribution of normal causal markers to debates aiming on the decision of the excellence that has been instrumental to problems with cognition and pragmatic interpretation, i.e. propositional vs. non-propositional that means.

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It is on this score that Carston (1988) proposed to differentiate between linguistic semantics, the output of syntactic processing of the sentence, and truth-conditional semantics, the amalgam of the output of linguistic semantics and pragmatic inference. 3 C  onversational implicature and the tests of detachability/cancellability In Grice’s framework, conversational implicature is associated with general features of discourse. On this view, in turn-taking our talk exchanges are not ­disconnected remarks but constitute cooperative efforts governed by a ­common purpose or mutually accepted direction.

Consider, for instance, that like (19), (20) is also treated on the basis of a claim-argument relation, which actually amounts to a deduction reading. Apart from the semantic grounds on which this suggestion sounds implausible, from a cognitive perspective, the fact that only the former proposition can remain unexpressed in the form of a thought seems to be non-trivial. This is especially true granted that deduction is constitutive of the nature of human reasoning. In fact, deductive processes as well as central concepts in deduction, like entailment relation, have been the object of scientific studies of inference generation since antiquity.

Lastly, none of the utterances (18)–(20) is in negation. These findings can be summed up into Table 2 below: Table 2. Causal relations Examples Conceptual primitives Causal relation Semantic/pragmatic Order of P & Q Negation (18) Yes Semantic Non-basic No (19) Yes Pragmatic Non-basic No (20) Yes Pragmatic Non-basic No This summation already reveals a drawback in the analysis of the sort described. Namely, examples (19) and (20) are conflated in a single, indiscriminate class of meaning. According to Sanders (1997), the treatment of (19) and (20) as disparate or similar cases is basically a matter of the criteria of analysis proposed in a theoretical model.

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