Catriona by Jeanette Baker

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By Jeanette Baker

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He couldn’t wait any longer. There would never be a better time. “You were born there too, Kate. Bonnie and Ken adopted you, thirty years ago. Bonnie knew she would have to tell you someday, but it never seemed the right time, and then her time ran out. ” Kate’s eyes, clear and green as new grass, never left his face. There was no way of knowing what went on behind her expressionless gaze. ” she asked carefully. Bill shook his head. “Bonnie never said. She told me that you were a miracle, that she and Ken had tried to have a child for ten years.

A thought occurred to her and she brightened. He was obviously staying at the George and he had told her his name. It was cold, the damp cold of a water-locked city in the throes of early spring. Clouds danced across a gray-blue sky and the wind blew an occasional gust of rain into her face. Edinburgh Castle hovered over the city like a slumbering giant, dark and brooding in its magnificence. Men and women clutching shopping bags and briefcases hurried about, carrying out their lives in the shadow of its ancient presence.

Kate ran toward the car just as the driver opened the door and stepped out. Words of thanks froze on her lips. It was the man from the George and he was staring at her as if he couldn’t believe she was real. ” he asked. Kate nodded. He looked around. “How did you get here? ” Kate pointed to the haystack. “My car is in there. ” A look of concern crossed his face. ” “Not a bit. But I do need a ride to the nearest phone. ” She watched him cross the field to the oddly elongated haystack and decided that she liked the way he moved.

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