Cakavian Prosody: The Accentual Patterns of the Cakavian by Keith Langston

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By Keith Langston

Čakavian dialect is a dialect of the Croatian language. The identify of the dialect stems from the interrogatory pronoun for "what", that is "ča" (or "ca") in Čakavian. Čakavian is these days spoken normally at northeastern Adriatic: in Istria, Kvarner Gulf, in so much Adriatic islands, and within the inside valley Gacka, extra sporadically within the Dalmatian littoral and important Croatia.

Today, it truly is spoken totally inside of Croatia's borders, in addition to by way of the Croats in Northern Burgenland (in Austria and in Hungary) is additionally usually Čakavian, with few small islets of Čakavian dialect audio system in Hungary (most japanese Čakavians are there).

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Lnitial or medial position, Avemge values for duration, fundamental frequency, and intensity in words with a long accented � syllable spoken in initial or medial position. Duration given in milliseconds, frequency in hertz, intensity in decibels. The location of frequency and intensity peaks is calculated as a percentage of the total dumtion of the syllable nucleus. N :::: number of tokens. Accentual pattern Fundamental frequency Fo peak Intensity Intensity N S�llable Dur. Be�. Peak End at Be�.

The location of frequency and intensity peaks is calculated as a percentage of the total duration of the syllable nucleus. N Accentual pattern Fundamental frequency N 13 Syllable Our. Beg. Peak End Fo peak at = number of tokens. Intensity Intensity Beg. 22 22% tonic 140 170 170 145 0% 67. 1 8 67. l6 57. 35 57. 53 31% " 5 " iP. 32 30% 46% � c;; ::!. :a. O· � :Y'" '" '" @ S. '" " " a [ n' V> � c;; 3 � *2 Iar. 8 * 1 lar. 99 1 1% 239 238 26% 56. 72 70% tonic 86 230 posttonic ( 1 ) 102 lar. 99 0% N * 1 1ar.

The one obligatory element is the syllable nucleus, which may be preceded by an optional consonantal onset and followed by an optional consonantal coda. The onset and coda may or may not be complex, depending on language­ specific constraints. , in the determination of syllable weight, or in rhyming in poetry) and have traditionally been assumed to make up an additional subconstituent known as the syllable rime. While all current phonological theories accept the syllable as a basic unit of prosodic organization, there is no generally accepted representation of syllable-internal structure.

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