Physics , Second Edition by Betty Richardson, Robert Richardson Alan Giambattista

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By Betty Richardson, Robert Richardson Alan Giambattista

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When units are named after famous scientists, the name of the unit is written with a lowercase letter, even though it is based on a proper name; the abbreviation for the unit is written with an uppercase letter. The inside front cover of the book has a complete listing of the derived SI units used in this book. As an alternative to explicitly writing powers of ten, SI uses prefixes for units to indicate power of ten factors. 2 shows some of the powers of ten and the SI prefixes used for them. These are also listed on the inside front cover of the book.

Using a meterstick with millimeter divisions as the smallest separations, we can measure a length to a precise number of millimeters and we can estimate a fraction of a millimeter between two divisions. If the meterstick has centimeter divisions as the smallest separations, we measure a precise number of centimeters and estimate the fraction of a centimeter that remains. Learn how to use the button on your calculator (usually labeled EE) to enter a number in scientific notation. 2, EE, 8. Significant Figures The most basic way to indicate the precision of a quantity is to write it with the correct number of significant figures.

3). How many cells are in the human body? Make an order-of-magnitude estimate. Strategy We divide this problem into three subproblems: estimating the volume of a human, estimating the volume of the average cell, and finally estimating the number of cells. To find the volume of a human body, we approximate the body as a cylinder, as previously discussed. Next we assume the cells are cubical to find the volume of a cell. Third, the ratio of the two volumes (volume of the body to volume of the cell) shows how many cells are in the body.

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