Blood Brothers (Necroscope: Vampire World Trilogy) by Brain Lemley

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By Brain Lemley

The vampires were vanquished! Harry Keogh and the armies of the useless have destroyed the evil that when plagued the realm. Nathan and Nestor, mystery dual sons of the Necroscope and a proud gypsy lady, have been childrens while their father, his humanity poisoned by way of his fearsome struggles, sacrificed himself to save lots of mankind.

Yet there are vampires nonetheless, vampires crueler and stranger than any the Necroscope had confronted. while those new, cruel killers swoop out of the sky, Nathan and Nestor are men--but they've got few of Harry Keogh's brilliant powers.

Torn from one another by way of conflict, the sons of the Necroscope trip around the vampire international, exploring its mysteries, every one looking the strong, negative vampires, his lacking brother...and the lady they either love!

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