Birdwatcher's Daily Companion: 365 Days of Advice, Insight, by Tom Warhol, Marcus Schneck

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By Tom Warhol, Marcus Schneck

Include your love of birdwatching, on a daily basis of the year!

By nature, chook fans are naturalists and creditors, and also you know the way effortless it truly is to dedicate hours upon hours of time—a lifetime, in fact—to your pastime. Birdwatcher's day-by-day spouse is a enjoyable, subtle strategy to be newly encouraged, each day of the 12 months. inside of is perception into every little thing from tips to establish glance alike species to planting a hummingbird backyard, making plans birding go back and forth, and rather a lot more.

Throughout the birdwatcher's 12 months, you'll find:

Mondays: bird-finding information and techniques

Tuesdays: all approximately species identification

Wednesdays: principles for birding tours and travel

Thursdays: learn how to locate and allure birds for your backyard

Fridays: birds in heritage and mythology

Saturdays & Sundays: birding tasks and actions

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