Beware by Richard Laymon

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By Richard Laymon

Utilizing historical black magic a deadly, vindictive maniac is made omnipotent by way of his skill to develop into invisible. Raping and murdering his means round the States, he's biding his time ahead of pleasurable his one hope - to get inspite of the highschool belle who rejected him years earlier than.

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She opened her eyes and saw the ceiling. On either side were shelves of groceries: cans of soup and chili on the left, cookies and crackers on the right. Even without moving, she knew what had been done to her. She could feel the gritty, cool wood under her bare skin. She could feel hot areas where her skin had been mauled. Her nipples burned and itched. So did her vagina. She felt stretched and battered inside. Her eyes filled with tears. Raising her head, she looked down at herself. Her breasts were red as if they had been wrung.

She leapt onto the stoop. Sliding her key into the lock, she glanced over her shoulder. Her blue Granada stood in the driveway, looking as it should, as if nothing were wrong. For an instant, Lacey questioned herself. Had she imagined the cough? No. He’s in there. In the trunk. She shoved open the front door, shut and bolted it behind her, and rushed across the living room. She dropped her handbag on the dining room table. Skirting the table, she entered her bedroom and flicked on a light. She rushed to her bed.

Laveda drew out her dagger. Standing near the fire, she raised it high and slowly turned in a circle. ” they roared. The drums rumbled. The congregation, still kneeling, swayed to the rhythm. ” Laveda yelled, wandering among her people. “It flows and winds. We shall drink from its shores, this night. We shall drink its all powerful waters and take its power into ourselves. The river is endless. Its waters flow forever. ” She stopped and placed her open hand on the head of the beautiful young mulatto.

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