Bestial by William D. Carl

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By William D. Carl

Underneath THE DIM mild OF an entire MOON, insanity REIGNS. . . .

As evening descends on Cincinnati, the town braces for hell on the earth: The population mutates into large, snarling monsters that eat everybody they see and act upon their such a lot base wishes. Planes fall from the sky. Highways are clogged with deserted automobiles, and constructions explode and topple. town burns.

And whilst sunlight comes ultimately, an analogous monsters go back to human shape, many pushed insane by way of atrocities devoted opposed to pals and households. . . .

Only 4 survivors are resistant to the metamorphosis: a smooth-talking thief who lives through the code of the previous West; a financial institution teller who's positioned her previous in the back of her; a prosperous, disenchanted housewife; and a determined teenaged runaway. jointly they shape an not going quartet that needs to be able to forestall the apocalypse prior to the following complete moon.

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Many creatures had been introduced here: alien, Terran, and adaptations of both. The one that had averted the ecological catastrophe was a splicing of humble snails, those same floating jellyfish and a couple of alien forms. The result was snairls. Floating amid the slate clouds were three behemoth spiral shells like fairy towers. These supported huge grey-and-white snail bodies that probed the air with glistening antlers in search of rich masses of the algae on which the creatures fed. Snairls hatched from eggs the size of footballs, dropping from the sky like jelly hail.

He reinserted his remaining hand into a console pit and called up the ship’s diagnostic programs. Studying the Prador glyphs scrolling down before him, he soon saw that the missile that had brought down this same ship had penetrated the hull very near to his father’s—Ebulan’s—sanctum. That area was now sealed behind airtight doors—the ship’s system reacting to the damage as it would out in space, though the closed-off area was now flooded with water rather than open to vacuum. Repair mesh had grown across the upper hole punched through the hull, and breach sealant had been pumped between these mesh layers and there crystallized.

He had lived with the crew of this very snairl, the Graaf, and been aboard when it mated with another of its kind, and then died. He had seen the crew die inside it, and a lover die, and been saved from death himself by the hornets he then carried. The fleshy body of the Graaf had long since decayed and dropped away. Now this shell was ballasted, and driven through the sky by motorized screws attached to the huge shell he stood inside. It was also the home to hornets. Thousands of nests occupied Lower Shell—ballast being shed as they increased in number.

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