Basic Arabic: A Grammar and Workbook by Waheed Samy, Leila Samy

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By Waheed Samy, Leila Samy

Basic Arabic: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an available reference grammar with similar workouts in one volume.

This ebook provides fifty one devices, overlaying the foremost grammar issues which scholars might count on to come across of their first 12 months of studying Arabic. Examples and routines are supplied all through, permitting scholars to augment and consolidate their learning.

Key gains include:

  • Clear, obtainable format
  • Many important language examples
  • Jargon-free motives of grammar
  • Abundant workouts with complete solution key
  • Subject index

Clearly offered and straight forward, Basic Arabic is a perfect grammar reference and perform source for either novices and scholars with a few wisdom of the language. it's appropriate for either category use and self reliant research.

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Grammatical categories contibuting to agreement The following are the grammatical categories that contribute to agreement: Syntactic function (case or mood) (‫ﺍﻹﻋﺮﺍﺑﻴﺔ‬ Gender (‫ﺍﻟﺠﻨﺲ‬ ِ ) Definiteness (‫)ﺍﻟﺘَﻌﺮﻳﻒ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻨﻜﻴﺮ‬ Humanness (‫ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻗِﻞ‬ Tense Person Voice Number (‫)ﻋَﺪﺩ‬ ‫)ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻟﺔ‬ ‫)ﻋﺎﻗِﻞ ﻭ ﻏﻴﺮ‬ Exercises: agreement ‫ﺗﻄﺎﺑﻖ‬ Exercise 1 Read the following passage carefully, then rewrite it in Arabic substituting ‫ﻣﺤ ّﻤﺪ‬ for ‫ﻳﺎﺳﻤﻴﻦ‬. Rewrite the new passage in the blank spaces below. Make all the necessary changes to ensure agreement.

Case 22 ‫َﻣﺮﻓﻮﻉ‬ ‫ﻣـَﻨـﺼﻮﺏ‬ ‫ﻣـَﺠﺮﻭﺭ‬ ‘idafa phrase ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺓُ ﺃﻣﻴﺮﺓ‬ ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺓَ ﺃﻣﻴﺮﺓ‬ ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭ ِﺓ ﺃﻣﻴﺮﺓ‬ ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺓ‬ In the second table, the second term in the ’idafa is a pronoun suffix. Diacritics marking mood Case ‫ﻋﻼﻣﺎﺕ‬ ‫ﺍﻹﻋﺮﺍﺏ‬ ‫َﻣﺮﻓﻮﻉ‬ ‫ﻣـَﻨـﺼﻮﺏ‬ ‫ﻣـَﺠﺮﻭﺭ‬ ’idafa phrase ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺗُﻬﺎ‬ ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺗَﻬﺎ‬ ‫ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺗِﻬﺎ‬ Exercises: diacritics marking case of nouns (‫ﺍﻷﺳﻤﺎء‬ ‫)ﻋﻼﻣﺎﺕ ﺇﻋﺮﺍﺏ‬ Exercise 2 In the blank spaces below, add the diacritic case marking for the first terms of the ’idafa phrase: ‫ﺷﺎﺭﻉ ﻣﺤﻤﺪ‬. First, fill the blank spaces below with the ’idafa phrase ‫ ﺷﺎﺭﻉ ﻣﺤﻤﺪ‬so the second term in the ’idafa is the standalone proper noun ‫ﻣﺤﻤﺪ‬.

Pronoun suffix). e. an overt mark) to the mood of imperfect verbs (see Mood markings of imperfect verbs). 23 By convention, an imperfect verb has three moods: 5 Function of diacritics ‫ﺍﻟﺘﺸﻜﻴﻞ‬ ‫ﻭﻋﻼﻣﺎﺕ‬ ‫ﺍﻹﻋﺮﺍﺏ‬ 1 2 3 ‫( ﺍﻟﻤﺮﻓﻮﻉ‬the indicative), ‫( ﺍﻟـ َﻤﻨﺼﻮﺏ‬the subjunctive), and ‫( ﺍﻟـ َﻤﺠﺰﻭﻡ‬the jussive) For imperfect form verbs with one subject marker, mood-marking diacritics are located immediately following the last radical. (See Conjugating the imperfect ‫ﺗﺼﺮﻳﻒ ﺍﻟ ُﻤﻀﺎﺭﻉ‬, and Subject markers of the imperfect verb).

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