Athenian political oratory: 16 key speeches by David Phillips

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By David Phillips

This publication is designed essentially to supply scholars of Greek background with a suite oftranslated speeches illustrating political advancements among the top of thePeloponnesian warfare (404 B.C.) and the dying of Alexander the good (323 B.C.). Thespeeches during this assortment have been introduced in Athens: a few within the meeting, others incourts of legislations. All yet one have been written by means of citizens of Athens; the only exception, a letterpenned via Philip II of Macedon, was once learn out to the Athenian meeting by means of anambassador. those speeches, consequently, are resources of first value for Atheniandomestic and overseas politics.

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70] But he delivered on none of his promises. So strong was his conviction that the city had to become powerless and weak that he persuaded you to do what the enemy never intended and the citizens never expected. He was not compelled by the Spartans; he invited them to take down the Peiraeus walls and to dismantle the existing constitution— for he knew well that, unless you were deprived of all hope, you would waste no time in punishing him. [71] And finally, men of the jury, he would not allow the Assembly to meet until he had carefully awaited what they40 called “the right time,” and he had summoned Lysander’s fleet from Samos, and the enemy was encamped in our territory.

Names [39] When the death sentence had been passed on them, men of the jury, and they had to die, they summoned people to the prison: one man sent for his sister, another for his mother, another for his wife, another for whatever female relative he had, so that they could say their last good-byes to their families before they died. [40] In particular, Dionysodorus summoned to the prison my sister, who was his wife. She got the message and came, dressed in a black cloak, which made sense, given that her husband had fallen victim to such disaster.

83] If you were to execute them and their children, would we receive sufficient recompense for the killings of our fathers and sons and brothers whom they put to death without trial? 46 Would that set things right for the city from which they have stolen so much, or for the individuals whose houses they looted? [84] Since, then, even if you did all these things, you could not punish the defendants sufficiently, how is it not shameful for you to omit any form of retribution whatsoever that someone wishes to exact from them?

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