Applied research on polymer composites by Pooria Pasbakhsh; A K Haghi; G E Zaikov

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By Pooria Pasbakhsh; A K Haghi; G E Zaikov

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It was shown that load at break lost 29 per cent, Young’s modulus lost 20 per cent, and tensile strength did not change after 180 days of incubation of threads, and the mechanical properties changed gradually [23]. 0 for 24 h) [41]. 3 BIODEGRADATION OF PHB BY SOIL MICROORGANISMS Polymers exposed to the environment are degraded by their hydrolysis, mechanical, thermal, oxidative, and photochemical destruction, and biodegradation [7, 38, 55, 56]. One of the valuable properties of PHB is its biodegradability, which can be evaluated using various field and laboratory tests.

Moreover, microbial degradation of the amorphous regions of PHB films made them more rigid. However, further degradation of the amorphous regions made the structure of the polymer much looser [58]. 4 Undegraded PHB film (A) and PHB films with different degrees of degradation after 2 months incubation in soil suspension: anaerobic conditions without nitrate (B), microaerobic conditions without nitrate (C), and microaerobic conditions with nitrate (D) [58]. PHB biodegradation in the enriched culture obtained from soil on the medium used to cultivate denitrifying bacteria (Gil’tai medium) has also been studied.

5%) after 6 months of implantation [13], which suggests that the degradation process had not affected the crystalline regions. These data are in accordance with those of PHB hydrolysis [25] and 18 Applied Research on Polymer Composites enzymatic PHB degradation by lipases in vitro [14], where Mw decrease was observed. The initial biodegradation of amorphous regions of PHB in vivo is similar to PHB degradation by depolymerase [45]. Thus, the observed biodegradation of PHB showed coexistence of two different degradation mechanisms in hydrolysis in the polymer: enzymatically or nonenzymatically catalyzed degradation.

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