Analog Science Fiction and Fact (January-February 2015)

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DEFENDER OF WORMS, Richard A. Lovett ____________________________ 136
MALNUTRITION, J. T. Sharrah _________________________________________ 8
JUST looking, Stephen Lombard __________________________________ 37
THE nice jump OF SHIN, Henry Lien _______________________________ 71
USHER, Jay Werkheiser____________________________________________ 123
ULENGE major, Chuck Rothman _____________________________________ 49
LONG approach long past, David L. Clements _________________________________ 55
ORION, emerging, Arlan Andrews, Sr. ___________________________________ 63
THE YONI SUTRA, Priya Chand_______________________________________ 65
WHY THE great HIT THE ICEBERG, Jerry Oltion ______________________87
FOOL’S ERRAND, Judith Tarr _________________________________________ 96
SAMSARA AND ICE, Andy Dudak ____________________________________ 107
MARDUK’S FOLLY, Sean Vivier ______________________________________ 112
UNMOTHER, Lex Wilson ___________________________________________ 115
ORBITS to reserve, Stanley Schmidt __________________________________ 30
SPACE insects, Marianne Dyson _______________________________________ 61
THE mystery OF chilly FUSION, Bruce Boston _________________________ 60
GUEST EDITORIAL: HERE’S in your overall healthiness, Rajnar Vajra _______________ 4
BIOLOG: J. T. SHARRAH, Richard A. Lovett _____________________________ 29
THE trade VIEW, Jeffery D. Kooistra _____________________________ 84
IN instances TO COME_______________________________________________ 114
THE REFERENCE LIBRARY, Don Sakers______________________________ 172
BRASS TACKS ___________________________________________________ 176
ANALYTICAL LABORATORY poll ________________________________ 180
THE 2014 INDEX _________________________________________________ 181
UPCOMING occasions, Anthony Lewis _________________________________ 184

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Best horror books

The Island of Dr Moreau

Adrift in a dinghy, Edward Prendick, the one survivor from the nice send woman useless, is rescued via a vessel sporting a profoundly strange shipment a menagerie of savage animals. Tended to restoration through their keeper Montgomery, who supplies him darkish drugs that tastes of blood, Prendick quickly unearths himself stranded upon an uncharted island within the Pacific together with his rescuer and the beasts.

Blood on the Page (The Complete Short Fiction, Volume 1)

“This is my reward. this is often my legacy. this can be my curse…”

BLOOD at the web page is the 1st ebook in a chain amassing all of Keene’s brief fiction. integrated during this quantity are such critically-acclaimed and fan favourite tales as “Burying Betsy”, “Dust”, “The Resurrection and The Life”, “I Am An Exit”, “Fast Zombies Suck”, “Bunnies In August”, “I Sing a brand new Psalm”, and plenty of more.

These are tales of affection and hate. belief and betrayal. Happiness and heartbreak. fact and lies. Innocence and paranoia. Flying and falling. unsatisfied endings and conspiracies of 1. those are tales approximately zombies, ghosts, serial killers, and the main awful monsters of all—ourselves.

BLOOD at the web page – the one factor we need to worry is… every thing.

Mangled Meat

No author is extra hardcore, offensive, or infamous than Edward Lee. His global is considered one of torture, strange fetishes, and alien autopsies. arrange your self, as those 3 novellas from the king of splatterspunk are absolute to make you gasp, gag, and snigger your ass off. The Decortication Technician What secrets and techniques do a crashed alien spaceship carry?

I Know What You Did Last Summer

a few secrets and techniques simply won't remain buried.

They didn't suggest it. They didn't suggest to hit the boy. there has been a celebration, and it used to be an coincidence. .. that wasn't who they have been. They have been pre-law, a soccer participant, sure for brand spanking new York. not anyone may perhaps comprehend, so Barry, Julie, Helen, and Ray swore each other to secrecy. yet now, a 12 months later, a person understands. Julie gets a haunting, nameless danger: "I understand what you probably did final summer time. " The darkish lie is unearthed, and sooner than the 4 neighbors realize it they should outsmart a killer. .. or they are going to be the subsequent to die.

Leave the lighting on whilst analyzing this vintage mystery! This re-creation gains modernized textual content and a brand new creation by means of Lois Duncan, the grasp of youngster horror.

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