Analog Science Fiction and Fact (April 2014)

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• four • Meditation on a Bar Stool • [Editorial (Analog)] • essay via Stanley Schmidt
• eight • A Fierce, Calming Presence • novelette by means of Jordan Jeffers
• eight •  A Fierce, Calming Presence • inside art through Joel Iskowitz
• 23 • The Passionate Astrophysicist to His Love • poem via Robert Lundy
• 23 •  The Passionate Astrophysicist to His Love • inside paintings by means of uncredited
• 24 • Alien Dimensions: The Universe round the corner • [Science truth (Analog)] • essay through Edward M. Lerner
• 31 • Remembering: Frederik Pohl, 1919-2013 • essay via uncredited
• 32 • toxins • shortstory by means of Don Webb
• 38 • The Oracle of Boca Raton • shortstory through Eric Baylis
• forty-one • Bud Webster and the previous Masters • [The exchange View] • essay by way of Jeffery D. Kooistra
• forty-one •   evaluate: earlier Masters and different Bookish Natterings through Bud Webster • overview by means of Jeffery D. Kooistra
• forty four • In dialog: Bud Webster • interview of Bud Webster • interview by means of Cat Rambo
• forty five • Wind Reaper • shortstory by means of Jon Hakes
• forty eight • In instances to come back (Analog, April 2014) • [In occasions to return (Analog)] • essay by way of uncredited
• forty nine • First touch: mothers Rule • [Probability 0] • shortstory via Diane Turnshek
• 50 • It's no longer "The woman or the Tiger?", It's "Which Tiger?" • shortstory by way of Ian Randal Strock
• fifty three • The View from Cruithne • poem by means of Mary A. Turzillo
• fifty three •  The View from Cruithne • inside art via uncredited
• fifty four • Whaliens • shortstory by means of Lavie Tidhar
• fifty four •  Whaliens • inside art through Joshua Meehan
• sixty two • Lockstep (Part four of four) • serial by means of Karl Schroeder
• sixty two •  Lockstep (Part four of four) • inside art by way of Mark Evans
• 104 • The Reference Library (Analog, April 2014) • [The Reference Library] • essay by means of Don Sakers
• 104 • Interview • interview of Don Sakers • interview by means of Don Sakers
• a hundred and five •   overview: outdated Mars by way of George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois • overview by means of Don Sakers
• a hundred and five •   overview: Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs via Mike Resnick and Robert T. Garcia • assessment by means of Don Sakers
• 106 •   evaluate: canines of warfare by means of Mike McPhail • overview by way of Don Sakers
• 106 •   evaluation: Skirmishes by means of Kristine Kathryn Rusch • overview through Don Sakers
• 107 •   evaluation: The Plague Forge by way of Jason M. Hough • evaluation by way of Don Sakers
• 108 • Brass Tacks (Analog, April 2014) • [Brass Tacks] • essay by means of quite a few
• 108 •  Letter (Analog, April 2014) • essay by way of Michael Smith (I)
• 109 •  Letter: The Editor Responds (Analog, April 2014) • essay by means of Trevor Quachri
• one hundred ten •  Letter (Analog, April 2014) • essay via John younger
• 112 • Upcoming occasions (Analog, April 2014) • [Upcoming occasions] • essay through Anthony R. Lewis [as by means of Anthony Lewis ]

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And, considering our circumstances, I'd say it's a very lucky accident indeed. If life was like a mystery novel, Albert, where coincidence is not allowed and the odds are never beaten for long, it would be a much tidier business. ' Albert whispered. Jenkins uttered a long, uneasy sigh. 'I'm the wrong person to ask, I'm afraid. ' 'Science-fiction writers,' Jenkins said. ' Nick Hopewell asked suddenly. Brian turned around to look at him. Nick had been sitting quietly in the navigator's seat since Brian had taken control of Flight 29, almost two hours ago now.

She was dead. In the dark trench which existed in the center of his own heart, Craig was quite sure that the langoliers had finally come for her. Craig went to work for the Desert Sun Banking Corporation of California as part of the executive training program. He did very well, which was not surprising; Craig Toomy had been built, after all, to get all A's, built to thrive under the pressures which exist in the deep fathoms. And sometimes, following some small reverse at work (and in those days, only five short years ago, all the reverses had been small ones), he would go back to his apartment in Westwood, less than half a mile from the condo Brian Engle would occupy following his divorce, and tear small strips of paper for hours at a time.

She told him that if he tried to shake it out or kick it loose, she would take him to THE ORPHAN'S HOME at once. The threat of THE ORPHAN'S HOME was a frequent one when Catherine Toomy was loaded. 'I ought to, anyway,' she told him as she lit the match which stuck up between her weeping son's toes like a skinny birthday candle. 'You're just like your father. He didn't know how to have fun, and neither do you. ' She finished the song and blew out the match before the skin of Craig's second and third right toes was more than singed, but Craig never forgot the yellow flame, the curling, blackening stick of wood, and the growing heat as his mother warbled 'Happy birthday, dear Craiggy-weggy, happy birthday to yoooou' in her droning, off-key drunk's voice.

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