An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything by A. Garrett Lisi

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By A. Garrett Lisi

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Lett. 38 (1977) 739. [17] L. Smolin and A. Starodubtsev, “General relativity with a topological phase: An Action principle,” hep-th/0311163. [18] L. Freidel and A. Starodubtsev, “Quantum gravity in terms of topological observables,” hep-th/0501191. [19] M. 1317. [20] R. 3851. [21] S. O. , “Quantum gravity and the standard model,” hep-th/0603022. G. Kac, Infinite dimensional Lie algebras, Cambridge University Press (1990).

If E8 theory is fully successful as a theory of everything, our universe is an exceptionally beautiful shape. Acknowledgments The author wishes to thank Peter Woit, Sergei Winitzki, Lee Smolin, Tony Smith, David Richter, Fabrizio Nesti, Sabine Hossenfelder, Laurent Freidel, David Finkelstein, Michael Edwards, James Bjorken, Sundance Bilson-Thompson, John Baez, and Stephon Alexander for valuable discussions and encouragement. Some of the work was carried out under the – 29 – wonderful hospitality of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

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