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By Tomas H. Lee

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Julius Rosenwald: The Man Who Built Sears, Roebuck And Advanced the Cause of Black Education in the American South (Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies)

"This is the 1st critical biography of the exuberant guy who remodeled the Sears, Roebuck corporation into the country's such a lot very important save. He was once additionally one of many early twentieth century's outstanding philanthropists. . . . The richness of basic facts consistently delights. " --Judith Sealander, writer of non-public Wealth and Public lifestyles "[No] mere philanthropist [but a] refined, stinging critic of our racial democracy.

Behind the Scenes at the Science Museum

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Locality and inequality : farm and industry structure and socioeconomic conditions

This booklet explores how the new restructuring of farming and has affected financial and social equality within the usa. the writer explains how the farm area has gone through a dramatic restructuring with profound results. Moderate-size family members farms, the mainstay of yank agriculture, have declined throughout the postwar interval and are actually less than serious monetary rigidity.

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By 2007, artificial fibres accounted for approximately 60% of the consumption of the main textile fibres (Zhao and Tisdell, 2009; Table A2). 23). 23). The downward trend in cotton‘s share of the global market continued but at a reduced rate and cotton still retains its position as the major natural fibre. Cotton has served as an engine of economic growth in both industrial and developing countries worldwide (Wang and Chidmi, 2009). In Australia, in a non-drought year, the cotton industry generates in excess of $1 billion per year in export revenue, is one of Australia‘s largest rural export earners and helps underpin the viability of many rural communities(Cotton Australia,2008a).

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