African Arabic: Approaches to Dialectology by Mena Lafkioui

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By Mena Lafkioui

The quantity provides the cutting-edge in examine on African kinds of Arabic. major students from around the globe deal with subject matters facing language touch, the advance of Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, synchronic language edition and diachronic language reconstruction.

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Munich: Lincom Europa. Abu-Manga, al-Amin 2006 Hausa. In Encyclopaedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Vol. ), 250–256. Amsterdam: Brill. Barth, Fredrik 1969 Introduction. In Ethnic Groups and Boundaries. ), 9–38. Bergen: Universitets Forlaget. Bell, Herman 1995 The Nuba Mountains: Who Spoke What in 1976? Paper presented to the Third Conference on Language in Sudan (Language Situation in Sudan), University of Khartoum 3–5 December 1995. Dickins, James 2006 Khartoum Arabic. In Encyclopaedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Vol.

Adverbs, indefinite pronouns, relative markers, interrogative markers) that are considered to be semantically or pragmatically more adequate or more expressive (examples 8 and 9). In fact, the second element š, derived from šayʔ ‘thing’ of Classical Arabic, was originally an element of intensification (emphasis) – and still is to a different degree in various Arabic varieties – that has lost some of its marking strength with time and therefore had to appeal to other forms to complete this function.

G. la-bās lit. g. b-la lit. ‘with no’ > ‘without’). g. oath, interdiction, order, prohibition, admonition and categorical expressions), such as the next examples: 4. 5. 6. This morpheme is not only employed for negation but also as an interrogative, a relative, an exclamative, and even an indefinite pronoun, which may point to a common origin (Pennacchietti 1967; Wehr 1953). This does not hold for some marginal cases like that of Maltese, where ___ š is used in constructions engaging modality (Vanhove 1994).

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