Adbusters (July-August 2015)

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Manifesto for global Revolution, half three is an paintings Novella that explores what it skill to seem in the direction of the long run in a time the place we will simply define the geo-political implications of weather switch. In it, we hint the background of the eras in the course of the connection of paintings and warfare, transcending our ideas of development and rediscovering the roots of anarchism.
May love and revolution upward thrust from the ashes of this demise civilization.

Andy Merrifield on Marxism and citizenship
Gwynne Dyer discusses the truth of weather wars
Matthew Bartlett on New Zealand’s Occupy experience
Peter Pomerantsev on Euromaiden and the spirit of revolution
Simon Critchely at the western roots of the Islamic State
Kalle Lasn and Darren Fleet on global battle 3
Tyson Kelsall, Sasha Lakic and Joshua Gabert-Doyon record from the frontlines of scholar activism

With this factor, we’re relocating ever in the direction of a second of worldwide progressive fervor. This December, we’re making plans a #billionpeoplemarch, our ultimate stand opposed to a global order which refuses to provide tangible motion within the face of approaching weather disaster.

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Growing out of this sense of togetherness, a new batch of punks, artists and students are taking aim at the K-Pop gloss, replacing the ear-worms of PSY with raw scrawls of graffiti, poetry and defiance. At a punk rock show in Hongdae’s univesity district, people smash bodies and howl like a generation that could joyfully lose face, raise a middle finger to elitism and weave an escape from tentacles of monopolized power. These new songs are mingling with stray phrases of older anthems. At last year’s May 18th uprising celebration, president Park Geun-hye tried to ban Gwangju’s commemorative song for the fallen.

Dozens of previously self-sustaining nations multiply into a hectic network of failed states and violent factions at war with themselves and each other. 2 billion people in India and a further 196 million in Pakistan, the sacred Ganges River (which is fed by swiftly deteriorating glaciers high in the Himalayas) shows signs of fatigue. Further exasperated by the collapse of the global wheat market and fearful of major water shortages, India begins damming the Ganges, securing resources for its own population but cutting off the vital waterway completely to downstream Pakistan.

The Rose Revolution (Georgia), the Green Revolution (Iran), the Tulip Revolution (Kyrgyzstan), the Jeans Revolution (Belarus), the Cedar Revolution (Lebanon), the Jasmine Revolution (Tunisia). Some of these were revolutionary, others not at all. “Revolution” stopped being the name you gave to a transformative historical moment and became the name a political technology gave itself in order to gain importance. Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2004 had all the slogans, the set designs, the pop music, the flag-waving and video mash-ups of revolution but when it was over the same leaders returned to practice the same corrupt schemes as before.

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