Abnormal Psychology: Objective Type by Prema Kumar, Geetika Tankha

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By Prema Kumar, Geetika Tankha

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What are constitutional liabilities? Ans. It is a detrimental condition which may be innate or acquired Abnormal Psychology 58 5. Ans. 6. Ans. 7. Ans. 8. early like physical handicap and temperament which may lead to abnormal behaviour. What is the process of reuptake in causality of abnormality? The deactivation of a neurotransmitter in the synapse after release due to presence of some enzymes or due to reabsorption into the presynaptic axon. This leads to imbalances of neurotransmitter. Name the neurotransmitters significantly related to abnormal behaviour.

These can be of four types: (a) Projectives tests like Rorschach Inkblot (b) Self-report inventories like MMPI (c) Intelligence tests like WAIS, Stanfard- Binet and (d) Neuropsychological tests like luria nerberska. 32. What are the major research methods for studying abnonnal behaviour? Ans. There are majorly four methods used to study abnormal behaviour: Case study research, correlational research, controlled experimental method and multiple baseline experimental research method. 33. What do you mean by retrospective strategy?

19. Ans. 59 relations during infancy as the foundation of development of unhealthy and abnormal personality in later years. What is the behavioural perspective of abnormal behaviour? This approach defines abnormality as a result of maladaptive responses and failure to learn adaptive behaviours and competencies. What is the cognitive behavioural approach to understanding abnormal behaviour? According to this approach distorted thoughts and information processing can lead to maladaptive emotions and behaviour.

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