A Ruckus of Awkward Stacking by Matt Robinson

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By Matt Robinson

This publication is ready reminiscence -- reminiscence as a poetic shape by which refractions of loss, restoration, discovery and identification shape an inventive reshaping of the prior. In uncooked brushstrokes, Robinson documents the gradual cascade of occasions and characters slipping during the skinny membrane of expertise, shaping our histories. while, he experiments with variety and shape in a perfectly sinuous writing. With this, his first ebook, Robinson makes a surprising debut at the North American literary level.

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Here, tonight, i can lose myself in your sickness — in the incremental warmth of the various areas of your back as we lie, together, here, in the middling part of the evening, so as my fingers skitter across your fever, a thermic memory of our interactions, i, too, am engulfed by the freckling blaze, its moist heat, and your heavy wash of breath is a sort of chesty crackling that, in its sounding, becomes a combination, a consumption, of it all: this biology, this us. -37 the morning as continuation —form.

The ease in reaching it, in turning it off, and the reality of the excavation — the only inconveniences. 57 becoming earth a memorial, a myth-making: this victoria day weekend was a mass of earth, (for the first year everything is liturgy) we looked at what was left: baskets, last year's bacopa — a mess of hair, lost, (the drugs, you know) so we planted — we were zealots filling planter after planter: zinnias, verbena, marigolds — our offerings, attempts. we bought more, filling the various spaces.

B. now, in hindsight, it's quite obvious it was never really mine to begin with; it was only another temporary situation, a sort of holding pattern, a cataloguing, and really, that first signature should have been enough to let us both know that, that, perhaps, presents aside, it wasn't — that giving isn't — always permanent, that things change hands, and so those first, perhaps, most interesting, of all the words contained within are there — inside the cover; in a fine hand, written, and the cover, too, is a kind of hint: black, finely tooled and gold-embossed; almost casket-like for all intents and purposes, it was a gift from a time when such things were commonplace, in fact, there are even dead blooms and other ironies folded between the pages, but despite all that, it has aged better than you, than us.

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