A Grammar of the Hittite Language by Harry A. Hoffner

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By Harry A. Hoffner

Hoffner and Melchert's long-awaited paintings is certain to turn into either the normal reference grammar and the most instructing software for the Hittite language. the 1st quantity contains a thorough description of Hittite grammar, grounded in an abundance of textual examples. in addition, the authors take into consideration an unlimited array of reviews on all elements of the Hittite language. within the 5 many years because the book of the second one variation of Johannes Friedrich's Hethitisches Elementarbuch (1960), our wisdom of Hittite grammar has turn into extra specified and nuanced, specifically due to the variety of new texts to be had and the growing to be physique of secondary literature. this primary quantity within the LANE sequence fills a significant hole and provides a complete reference for many years to return.

the second one quantity, on hand here, is an educational that involves a sequence of graded classes with illustrative sentences for the scholar to translate. the academic is keyed to the reference grammar and gives large notes.

the published grammar quantity is followed through a CD-ROM that includes the total textual content of the grammar and educational in searchable, cross-referenced, and hyperlinked shape.

Errata: Minor corrections, that have been integrated into the second one printings of either the Grammar and the educational (December, 2008 â€" January, 2009), can be found here for download.

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2, p. 348); and (5) to distinguish real vowels from mere graphs, as in pa-ra-a (/pra/), where the first a is merely graphic, and URUDa-la-a-wa /Tlawa/ (in later Greek letters Τλῶς), and URUPa-laa /Pla/ (see Βλαηνή and Παφλαγωνία). Most of the Hittite words cited in this grammar are cited in “broad transcription,” not in transliteration. In broad transcription, the plene writings cited above are indicated with macrons: tēkan, taknāš, dā, īt, parā, URUDalāwa, URU Palā. 47. 20, p. 71). The single word nu-u-wa ‘still, yet’ is diffentiated from the combination of conjunction nu and clitic -wa (nu-wa) consistently by the plene writing of the former.

Most Hittite words in this grammar are not transliterated but presented in broad transcription. , a-ša-an-zi > ašanzi, na-at > nat, but ši-uš > šiuš). Adjacent identical consonants are not simplified but remain geminate (ap-pa-an-zi > appanzi). ) conform to the voice character of the following CV. For example, -ta-aš > attaš ‘father’, not *adtaš. If the VC sign in question is word final, it is written voiceless (e-ša- > ešat ‘he sat down’). Neither transliteration nor broad transcription pretend to reflect the precise pronunciation of Hittite words, only an approximation.

5 iii! 46 iii 51 vs. 10 iii 26 vs. 72 iii 13. 39. 36 ii 8. On ti-e-et with dupl. 33, p. 21. On ku-i-en-zi see Melchert 1984b: 78. 54. )’. OH spellings ya-an-zi ‘they do/make’ and ya-an-ni-iš ‘they set out’ of what later is consistently written i-ya-an-zi and i-ya-an-ni-iš suggest that these words begin with y, not i. 137 (p. 47). The situation for *sp- is complicated. 11, p. 12). 55. Word-final: The sg. -l. ending on nouns in OH is always -i rather than -e. In MH and NH, this is also almost always the case.

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