A Grammar of Targum Neofiti by David M. Golomb

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By David M. Golomb

Ebook through Golomb, David M.

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56) a. b.

K¢ na uche [- L +_ ] she was clever and sensible THE RELEVANCE OF DOWN STEPS 31 In (7), on the other hand - a case where we happen to end up with four levels of H-tones - H-tones are lowered once where there is a surface low tone and twice without there being any surface L-tone to do the triggering. ebu sili Ike (7) - 1__ [ <- - ] <- - carrying a load is difficult The fact that n in example (6) is three (three pitch-levels for H-tones) and four in example (7) (four pitch-levels for H-tones) is simply the accident~ result of having a certain number of H-tones interspersed with downstep triggers.

This distinction can be captured by positing a rule that deletes floating L-tones before another L-tone and after a H-tone: 20 © (53) L-deletion: This rule will correctly apply in examples like (51). It will not apply in cases such as (44) and (45) because of the left-hand context H-tone. 3. Overgeneration of Floating H-tones. In the preceding section, it was shown that certain floating tones must be deleted in order to prevent the overgeneration of downsteps. In this section, it will be shown that certain other floating tones must be deleted in order to allow correct application of phonological rules.

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