A Feast of Flesh: Tales of Zombies, Monsters, and Demons by Aaron Polson

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By Aaron Polson

Stories of undead fiends, bloodthirsty monsters, and hideous nightmare-ghouls ready to rend and tear human flesh...

A ceremonial dinner of Flesh includes:

"Cargo" - in a submit apocalyptic wilderness, one little lady reaches out in friendship

"Tesoro's Magic Bullet" - they shot Tesoro in Iraq, yet this Marine didn't die

"The manner of items in Fly-Over Country" - in a zombie littered desolate tract, the undead aren't the single ones to fear

"Former Vocations" - a poem of the lifeless and their earlier lives

"The Distillery" - Tommy needs to get prior the gray males if he desires his female offspring to live

"In the Primal Library" - little boys' imaginations provide start to hungry, lustful things

"Familiar Faces" - survivors, one inn room, and a bunch of zombies

"Sea of eco-friendly, Sea of Gold" - the place even the prairie grass hungers

"Bona Fide King of His Realm" - Uncle Rego is a monster

"Down There" - in a city with wealthy background, the lifeless outnumber the residing

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Lately, it always seemed to come too soon, Max realized. When night was the time for him to be up and moving around, cleaning, doing laundry, going to the bar, hanging out, the night seemed to be plenty of time to get everything done. He’d even found himself bored on occasion. But now, when he had to tear himself away from Bella’s warm, soft body, the night seemed unfairly short. Now, the dawn loomed on the horizon, and with it inevitable separation. He was trying hard not to be morose, but it was more difficult than he’d expected.

The human mimicked Nathan’s posture, falling into obviously unwilling sleep. I didn’t have any hard feelings toward him for not trusting us. After all, the vampire who’d just taken a chunk out of him was curled into a seemingly harmless ball on the ground beside him. I got closer to Nathan, pulling my legs under me and leaning my head against his chest. How are you doing? I whispered through the blood tie. Scared to death. But I’ll survive. He hooked a finger under my chin and lifted my face up to his.

Nothing physical, but the atmosphere had shifted. After I’d first been changed, I’d seen Nathan’s home as a fortress, a refuge. Sanctuary. And then, after I’d become a permanent resident, as home. Now it was cold and unfeeling, as if the walls were living things who would just as soon give us all up to our enemies and be done with us as abide us living within them. “I hate to point this out, but you guys kind of destroyed my car and put a giant kink in my livelihood,” Bill said, sliding a stack of mutilated notebooks onto a shelf.

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