A Compendious Grammar Of The Egyptian Language: As Contained by Henry Tattam

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By Henry Tattam

This booklet is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages.

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Great, m. EGNAAq, pl ur EGNAAy, ffw*> ue united be clean, holy. to f. Sah. f. the suffixes, or the articles, - Sah. to verbs forms adjectives, as clean, holy. EGOyAB, NAO)E or ENAO)E, Sah. much. NAU)tt)q or ENAcyo)q, Sah. much, m. NA(yu)C or ENAOJOUC, Sah. much, O)oy or ENAO)0)Oy, Sah. much, plur. NANE and NANoy, ENANoy, Sah. good. Sah. good, m. NANoyq, ENANoyq, ENANoyc, Sah. good, f. f. NAOJ- NANEq, NANEC and NANoyc, ; EGNANEy, ETNANoyoy, Sah. good, plur. NAEIAT thou, m. or NAi'AT, Sail, blessed.

F. Copt. IF1B, a lamb, m. glFtBF, a lamb, Sahidic. 5. Others form the feminine by changing the last short vowel of the masculine into a long one, as BFAAp, blind, m. BFAAw, Copt. BAAvi, Sah. m. MOyvi, a Copt, ppo, lioness, Copt, a king, oypo, ppo), blind, f. , a queen, Sah. bpAAo. an old man. bpAAo). an old woman, Copt. gAAo, an old man. gAAo), <7^ f. old woman, Sah. Sah. CABF. m. t>AH, 6. //(^. ^w/, stranger, m. O)MMO), m. CABH, wise, f. f. stranger, Copt. j^AF, the end, Copt. Likewise by changing the vowel of the penulti- mate syllable of the masculine, as u)Hpt, a son.

GBHye, works. xoi, XOEIC, XEicooyE, Lords. Of Nouns. Chap. IV. Of Cases have no cases of nouns. Dialects or bv prepositions, Egypt But these are indicated by cer- as, Sahidic and Bashmuric. Coptic. NXF R6~i. Gen. NTF, M, N. NTF, R, FT. Dat. F, M, N. F, R, FT. ACC. F, M. F ? R, FT. cb, of which precede, or are prefixed to the nouns, tain particles Voc. 1 Nouns. speaking the three 22. Strictly Norn. of 2 N. nt. a), Abl. F, M, N, or a preposition. 23. It will be TTF. F, R> R, or a preposition. seen that what are called cases in Greek and Latin are here denoted by particles which precede the noun, as in the nominative and genitive, or by particles prefixed.

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