A Cold War tourist and his camera by Langford, James Warren; Langford, James Warren; Langford,

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By Langford, James Warren; Langford, James Warren; Langford, Martha; Langford, John W

Martha Langford and John Langford study their father's it seems that harmless photographic event, revealing the complexity of either the pictures and their writer. An clever and private examine the ways in which the old and the personal are represented and remembered, a chilly struggle vacationer and His digital camera phases the relations slide exhibit as you may have by no means obvious it before.

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109 Canadians were there on sufferance; they needed to keep a low profile. To be crashing the Berlin party can only have raised expectations for the Canadian members of Course Sixteen regarding their visit, whose itinerary, suspensefully, was not circulated until 10 May, well after they had hit the road. Warren Langford’s pictures of Berlin and photographs taken there of him are nevertheless oddly laconic. 110 Malcolm Foley and J. ”111 Television or the Internet is what they mean, but we would argue that such dynamism may also be generated by a family slide show, in which touristic images become screen memories and vehicles of intergenerational transmission based on first-hand experience.

In National Geographic, with many more words and images relating the story, the cumulative effect is patient: travel as a way of life, seeping down from the leisure class to the middlebrow consumer. The places of tourism correspond to a paternalistic educational program: not too strong on social or political expression, just enough to keep pace with the appetites and tolerances of the readership. As Lutz Introduction 27 Figure 4 “The Hopeful Launching of a Proud and Free Nigeria,” LIFE , 26 September 1960, 54–5.

The final stop was Washington, where the group received briefings by Canadian embassy and US State Department officials. Not surprisingly, there are no photographs from any of these locations. What impressions might Warren Langford and his colleagues have formed from this four-week fact-finding tour of military and strategic installations? The overwhelming insight would have to have been the degree to which Canada was a very junior military and strategic partner of the United States. In fact, the term ‘partnership’ could hardly be said to apply in circumstances in which Canada brought welltrained people and territory but so few modern military and technological resources to the table.

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