2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly (Summer 2014)

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2600 journal is the world's optimum magazine on machine hacking and technological manipulation and regulate. released through hackers on the grounds that 1984, 2600 is a real window into the minds of a few of today's such a lot inventive and clever humans. The de facto voice of a brand new new release, this book has its finger at the pulse of the ever-changing electronic panorama. to be had for the 1st time in a electronic version, 2600 keeps to deliver exact voices to an ever transforming into foreign group drawn to privateness matters, laptop defense, and the electronic underground.

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Cross Reference: You will examine SATAN (and programs like it) in greater detail in Chapter 9. In that chapter, you will be familiarized with many scanners, how they work, how they are designed, and the type of information they can provide for users. SATAN is not the problem with government sites. Indeed, SATAN is not the only diagnostic tool that can automatically identify security holes in a system. There are dozens of such tools available: • Internet Security Scanner (ISS) • Strobe • Network Security Scanner (NSS) • identTCPscan • Jakal Chapter 9 examines these automated tools and their methods of operation.

Cross Reference: Linux runs on a wide range of platforms, not just IBM compatibles. Some of those platforms include the Motorola 68k, the Digital Alpha, the Motorola PowerPC, and even the Sun Microsystems SPARC architecture. org/. Distributions of Linux are freely available for download from the Net, or can be obtained at any local bookstore. CD-ROM distributions are usually bundled with books that instruct users on using Linux. In this way, vendors can make money on an otherwise, ostensibly free operating system.

Crackers enjoy any media attention they can get. Hence, their philosophy is generally this: If you're going to crack a site, crack one that matters. Are crackers making headway in compromising our nation's most secure networks? Absolutely. To find evidence that government systems are susceptible to attack, one needn't look far. In addition, in testing its systems, DISA attacks and successfully penetrates Defense systems 65 percent of the time. According to Defense officials, attackers have obtained and corrupted sensitive information--they have stolen, modified, and destroyed both data and software.

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